Travel Vaccination Health Care – Vaccine Clinic

At Travel Vaccination Health Care we provide a premium level of Travel Medicine that differs from many of our competitors. Make your international travel fun, safe and healthy. Visit our vaccination centre!

Consultations Bulk Billed

We provide comprehensive, 30 minute, bulk billed* appointments 6 days a week until 10pm.

*All patients with a Medicare cared will be bulk billed their appointment. All patients without a Medicare card will be charged the Medicare-rebate amount for their consultation. Travel vaccinations, consumables and products are charged in addition.

Smart Travel Advice

Our staff are specially trained Travel educators and doctors that are consistently updated with health and travel news and recommendations. Our travel health consultations can be tailored to suit solo travellers, small or large groups, parents or families, and corporate travellers.

Post Travel Aftercare

We also provide post travel medical advice and care, 365 days of the year through our General Practitioners at Burwood Health Care.

Online Appointment Requests

We provide online appointments 24/7 for your convenience. Book now.

SMS Reminders

Patients will receive a reminder about their appointment via SMS the week before their appointment.

Specialised information

We provide specialised advice for higher risk travellers including pregnancy, children, elderly and infirm, scuba divers, sporting tours, high altitude and long term travellers.

We stock ALL vaccines

We have the full range of travel vaccines and medication on-site and at competitive prices for your convenience.

Licensed Vaccination Centre

We are a Licensed Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. All patients are given a vaccinations “log book” to retain and if having the Yellow Fever vaccine, this will be stamped with the World Health Organization approved stamp. (accredited by the State Health Department)

Travel Health Kits available

We stock a number of travel health kits for routine or high risk travel.

On-site parking

Our medical centre is located at the corner of Burwood Highway and Middleborough Road. We have ample car parking spaces on site and you can easily reach us by bus (routes 732 & 733) and tram (route 75, stop 66).