Travel Kits

Travel Vaccination Health Care has special purpose medical kits for you to take with you on your travels. Depending on your destination, time and length of travel some or all of these kits may be recommended. All kits are onsite and available by request.

Gastro Kit

This pack is for travellers to areas where hygiene may be in question.

• Gastrolyte tablets for fluid replacement
• Gastro Stop for diarrhoea
• Maxolon for nausea and vomiting
• Azithromycin antibiotic for bacterial gastro
• Fasagin Tinidazole for parasitic infections

Traveller’s Kit

This pack is for travellers who may sustain injury in developing countries where medical sterilisation is not adequate.

• Skin sutures with needle
• Disposable scalpel, needles and syringes
• Winged infusion set
• Local anaesthetic (Xylocaine)
• Micropore tape, Steristrip wound closures, Sterile gauze dressings
• Mellolite non-sticky dressing
• Betadine/Alcohol/Chlorhexadine antiseptic swabs
• Gloves
• 1 Arm Sling

Syringe and Needle Kit

This pack is for travellers who may need injections for emergency use where disposable needles are not commonly available.

• 3x 2 ml syringes
• 1x 5 ml syringes
• 2×25 gauge needle
• 2×23 gauge needle
Sterile alcohol swabs

Permethrin Spray

This is for travellers to areas where Maralia, Dengue Fever and other insect born conditions are prevalent.

• Permethrin spray