High Risk Travellers

Some travellers including pregnant women, children and elderly or infirm travellers will have a higher likelihood of illness while aboard. For specific travel health information about high risk travellers please refer to the following information or discuss with one of our travel health professionals during your comprehensive travel consultation.


Apart from the normal risk as with all other travellers, pregnant women have other potential problems when travelling.

The safest time to travel is during the second trimester. Women with previous obstetric problems and higher risk pregnancy should avoid travel if possible. 


Travelling with children poses some challenges but can also he very rewarding. Children usually adapt better to time and climate changes than adults. The resistance of children to illness, however, is generally lower than that of adults. A child can be overcome by dehydration within a few hours. But although children may become ill with alarming speed, their recovery is often also impressively rapid. 

The Older and Infirm

Older people and travellers with chronic medical problems like Chronic airways disease and heart problems, Asthma, Anaemia, Chronic Ear conditions, Recent surgery, unstable Diabetes etc, need extra precaution when they travel. There may be limitations or special requirements for air travel.