Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended vaccinations vary depending on the country you are visiting, the duration, your itinerary and your planned activities while you are away. Please bring any vaccination history and your itinerary to your appointment.

All existing patients with a Medicare card will be bulk-billed their appointment. All new patients and patients without a Medicare card will be charged the Medicare rebate amount for their consultation. Travel vaccinations, consumables and products are charged separately.

Some vaccines and anti-malarial medications are often claimable on private health insurance under your extras cover, you need to check with your fund. After payment is made, itemised receipts are provided to you to claim with your insurer.

The clinic stocks most vaccines and medications onsite, and our pricing is competitive. All vaccines are stored in an accredited cold chain environment to ensure that they are in optimum condition.

Ideally, allow six weeks, whenever possible, for adequate vaccination to take place before you travel. Some vaccines require a few doses so you may need two or more visits to the clinic.

We allow a minimum of 30 minutes and up to o 1 hour for families or groups. Remember all your consultations are bulk billed so that you are not out of pocket for the professional, specific travel advice.

It is important to discuss your travel plans with your obstetrician and the risk versus benefits of vaccinations will be discussed during your travel consultation depending upon your plans.

All vaccines should be avoided during the first trimester.

See also The Pregnant Traveller

Depending on the recommended vaccines, children can be vaccinated from the age of 2 months old. See also Travelling with Children

Side effects may occur but are generally mild and differ depending on the vaccine. Common complaints are pain and swelling, redness at the site of injection, headache, fever or nausea. See also Side Effects of Vaccines

Yes, you can. Some vaccines must be given together on the same day.

Also if need be, we can split the vaccines into 2 visits if you request it as long as there is adequate time before you intend to travel for the vaccine to be effective.

Yes. We allow for adequate time for larger groups or families to ensure that you receive comprehensive, professional and appropriate travel advice and vaccinations.

Yes, you can. As long as you leave the tablets in their original packet and have a letter from the doctor, there will be no problems.

Yes you can, in moderation.