Travel Kits

Travel Vaccination Healthcare has special purpose medical kits for you to take with you on your travels. Depending on your destination, time and length of travel some or all of these kits may be recommended.

All kits are onsite and available by request.

Gastro Kit

This pack is for travellers to areas where hygiene may be in question.

• Hydralyte powder for fluid replacement

• Gastro Stop for diarrhoea

• Kwells for motion sickness

• Buscopan for abdominal cramps

• Coloxyl and Senna for constipation

Your doctor will prescribe other suitable medications that will suit your particular travel circumstances, such as antibiotics for traveller’s diarrhoea and anti-nausea medication. Research travel facts relevant to your chosen destination or speak to our team for additional information.

Other Travel Items

We sell a number of other travel items in our clinic, including prescription medications suitable for malaria prevention, as well as products and advice containing useful travel facts and supplementary travel information to enhance your preparedness for your upcoming plans. Our team will let you know of items that may be suitable to keep you well during your trip.