Travel Advice: Safeguard Your Health

Whether for work, study or leisure overseas, travel is an exciting experience, especially if it is your first time.
What makes traveling satisfying is the feeling of rejuvenation, taking away all your stress and awakening the positivity within you.

This all sounds promising and exciting, right? But, before you jump into that plane and fly away, it is important to secure your safety and health first. Here are some friendly reminders to help you travel, worry free:

Take a Medical Kit
Carry the basic medication like paracetamol, antihistamine, cough, cold and flu medicine, motion sickness tablet, diarrhea medicine and antacid to name a few. You can often purchase them at your destination, but you can never tell where and when you will find these, so it is much better if you have already packed them in your bag.

Read Travel Advisories
It is no secret that there are a lot of dreadful diseases around the world often transmitted virally or through mosquito bite. Be fully aware about the situation; if there is an outbreak. It is better to think twice as it’s not worth the risk. Sometimes, no matter how careful and healthy you are, issues can always come up.

Secure Medical Clearance
If you are amongst those who suffer a chronic medical condition, or have special requirements, it is necessary to consider taking extra health precautions. Such cases like pregnancy, old age, having undergone recent surgery, heart disease, and diabetes are just some issues that require travel clearance from a respective doctor.  Make sure you have notified cabin crew of any health conditions you may have that way, if anything happens, they will be prepared and can give immediate medical attention.

Visit A Travel Vaccination Centre
It is always better to be safe than sorry. With the advances in vaccinations, you can always keep yourself protected from acquiring diseases from some specific destinations. Travel safe, seek health advice, and visit a travel vaccine clinic to know what vaccination is needed for your destination.

Pack Your Clothes Wisely
Be sure to put comfort before fashion. Know the current weather or season of the destination you are visiting. Keep yourself protected all the times, and do not let weather conditions make you sick or leave damage on your skin. Be wise in packing, unless you are willing to buy new clothes once you get there.

Stick to Your Limitations
We all love food, don’t we? It is important to try something new, experience new cuisines and have a taste of all the local foods, but then again, eat with caution or you may be left with an upset stomach. Be conscious of the ingredients, how and where it is prepared, as well as the cleanliness of the utensils used.

Make your travel worth remembering, create new memories, breathe all the positivity and beauty that the destination has to offer. It’s not every day you’re given a chance to explore foreign places, so enjoy the journey hassle free by doing a little planning before you go!