Travel Vaccination Health Care is a travel vaccination centre committed to helping you travel with the least possible risk to your health. Our licensed travel vaccination centre offers accessible, comprehensive and specific travel vaccinations and advice.

We do this by offering 30 minute, comprehensive, bulk billed* travel health appointments 6 days per week until 10pm. Our staff are specially trained Travel educators and doctors that are consistently updated with health and travel news and recommendations.

We have the full range of vaccinations on site and at competitive prices and our travel health consultations can be tailored to suit solo travellers, small or large groups, parents or families, and corporate travel.

We also provide post travel medicine through our General Practitioners at Burwood Health Care. Visit our travel vaccination clinic today!

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Why Do You Need Travel Vaccinations?

Most people plan their trip for a year while others, like backpackers, may travel on a whim undecided where they will end up. It is everyone’s dream to get out of their comfort zone, explore different places, and experience all the wonders the world has to offer, but...