Travel Vaccination Health Care is a travel vaccination centre committed to helping you travel with the least possible risk to your health. Our licensed travel vaccination centre offers accessible, comprehensive and specific travel vaccinations and advice.

We do this by offering 30 minute, comprehensive, bulk billed* travel health appointments 6 days per week until 10pm. Our staff are specially trained nurses and doctors that are consistently updated with health and travel news and recommendations.

We have the full range of vaccinations on site and at competitive prices and our travel health consultations can be tailored to suit solo travellers, small or large groups, parents or families, and corporate travel.

We also provide post travel medicine through our General Practitioners at Burwood Health Care. Visit our travel vaccination clinic today!

Health Alerts & News

  • Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

    According to Singapore's Ministry of Health and press sources, more than 900 cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), a significant increase over the average incidence, are occurring per week. The outbreak is past peak, but weekly case numbers are still above the average incidence for the previous 4 years. More than 33,400 cases have been reported since January 1, 2016.  Travellers are reminded to exercise particular care in hygiene habits, including frequent hand washing.

  • Measles In Victoria

    There are four confirmed cases of measles in Victoria, none of whom have travelled internationally and who all appear to have locally acquired infection. Three of the cases were in the central business district of Melbourne between 10 - 13 June and this may represent the source of infection for those people.

    Melbourne Measels
  • Zika Virus Update

    Zika in Singapore - The Ministry of Health has confirmed eight new cases (bringing the total to 283) of locally transmitted Zika virus infection in Singapore. Zika in Bangkok - 21 new cases of locally transmitted Zika virus confirmed in Bangkok, including a pregnant women who later gave birth with no complications.